Lost keys: Do you need to replace your locks?

When it is about home security, it is necessary to take a quick action as soon as you notice something. If you walk around or go shopping without paying attention to what you are doing, you are likely to lose your keys. The situation may be worse if you lose the keys and are at the office, mall or somewhere else. This could endanger your home as someone with evil intentions might find the keys. If that happens, do you have to replace the locks? When you lose your keys, several factors can determine your action.

Key chain

Sometimes you may lose your keys when at the office, doing shopping at the mall or a political rally. You shouldn’t worry if the key does not have information that can lead someone to your home and therefore there is no need to replace the locks. But if the key chain has some information that can lead someone with evil intentions to your home, then you should replace the locks as soon as possible. If the keychain has information about your home and someone took the key from intentionally, it is possible that the individual will cause security issues to your family.

Where did you lose the keys?

The place where you lost the keys matters regardless of the information on the keychain. If the keys got lost while having at your backyard with the kids, then there is no need to worry. You do not need to replace the locks but do a thorough searching of the keys. However, if you lose them while walking with your dog in your neighborhood, then there is need to worry and should call your locksmith to have the locks replaced or rekeyed. It is essential to note where you had lost the keys, so it is easy to know what to do.

What should you do to avoid losing keys?

Keys can be lost regardless of who is having them. Even if you are an adult, you can lose your keys when you least expect. You should, therefore, make sure that you keep safe the purse that contains the keys. This will help avoid losing the bag and keys at the same time. Also, ensure you put the keys in a safe place. If your trouser pockets are tattered, do not put the keys there.


Life is unpredictable, and thus you may not know when you are going to lose the keys. You need to be careful in every situation. Even if someone finds they keys and returns them to you, there is a need to have the locksmith change the locks.  You can’t trust someone because he found you the lost keys. He might have made a spare of your keys, and this indicates your home is not secure. The question whether you should or not replace your locks after you lose them should not be an issue. The security of your home is critical and your solution is a locksmith.